How It Works

The Launching a 6-Figure Podcast System is designed to allow you to focus on the activities that drive revenue while leveraging your time and making your unique impact.


It all starts with developing a transformational and unique offer that solves a major problem for a specific group of people. That offer is then developed into a product that can be delivered and fulfilled at scale in a sustainable way that creates powerful results.


The next step is creating awareness and community around your expertise and offer. Podcasting is the centerpiece of our strategy along with cutting edge social media techniques and connecting and qualifying methods that lead to conversions.


The entire LaP System is designed to be sustainable and scalable. This means that everything we do is built on systems and processes that allow you to serve and impact more poeple while leveraging your time and making your unique fulfilling impact int he world. You do the things that really drive your business and we do the rest.

Real Results

Great company and great service. It’s so nice only have to focus on content creation and letting them handle the other pieces of putting out my podcast. It’s allowed me to invest more time in what I do best.

Ryan Galiotto

Launching a Podcast is the gold standard in helping people start a podcast! They will take you from idea to implementation to maintenance of your podcast. Everyone at Launching a Podcast wants to see you succeed and will do everything they can to help you get there. The value for what Launching a Podcast offers and how they go above and beyond to help you is the best you can find.

Jac Julien

Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions we often get asked…

Isn’t the podcast market saturated?

While there are currently estimated to be around 750,000 podcasts included in the Apple Podcasts directory, only a very small portion of those (estimated around 37,500) are consistently active. Out of that small portion, even fewer are strategic and executed at a professional level that make them easily consumable to the end user. The market is far from saturated—in fact it will never be saturated if the content is excellent and the production standards are top-notch.

Is it realistic to expect to generate revenue from a podcast?

It’s extremely realistic. The reason most podcasts aren’t generating real revenue is because they lack the strategy, systems, and processes to do so. Most podcasters look at revenue from the standpoint of leveraging an audience, which is possible, however that’s a very long-term play. We have a strategy that will allow you to monetize your podcast immediately so that you can generate profit as you attract your audience which creates further opportunities.

Why don’t more businesses host their own podcast?

That’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves for some time now. If you operate a business and are actively trying to increase awareness, acquire more clients, and/or sell more products and services then a podcast is non-negotiable in today’s market. The conversations, content, opportunities, connections, and increased authority are just the tip of the iceberg. The key is to leverage your podcast in a strategic and intentional way so that your effort is rearded with a sustainable and scalable increase in revenue—and the LaP System is designed to help you do just that!

How much time do I need to find to host my own podcast?

The real answer is none. Here’s why: How much time so you have right now for revenue generating activities? We will ALWAYS find time for the things that bring us a positive return, unless we don’t know what to do or we have fear holding us back. The good news is that the LaP Team is here to show you exactly what you need to do to generate revenue from your podcast. The better news is that we’re also here to coach you through any fear or overwhelm that pops up and provide the support you need to succeed.

How tech savy do I need to be to host my one podcast?

When you work with us, not much at all. If you can plug in and operate a USB microphone you’re good to go! Our experts help you with any tech issues that come up as we believe that you’re an expert in your field, you shouldn’t have to be an expert when it comes to podcast tech and production too. 

How do I get started with LaP?

The first thing you need to do is schedule a call with our team so that we can learn more about your unique business, expertise, and goals. Based on that specific information, we will then share our strategy so that you have a clear vision of the outcome we can achieve together and the process that it is going to take to make that happen. At that point we discuss next steps and fully support you as we move forward!

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