How it works

We utilize a proprietary “done for you” and “done with you” system to help you maximize your time and impact to develop and deliver your content while growing your community.



Mindset is the differentiating factor between a podcast that’s world-class and a podcast that is just like every other podcast you’ve never heard of. Creating complete clarity when it comes to our goals, expectations, and specific audience is the crucial first step and builds a solid foundation for lasting success.


Concept Development and Branding

A podcast that speaks to everyone really speaks to no one. In Phase 2 we work together to create a solid concept that is congruent with your brand and message. We create the theme, title, and other specifics about the flow and feel of your podcast. We also design custom artwork for your podcast, set-up hosting and syndication to all major podcast providers, and launch a Facebook community to create and deepen meaningful relationships with your raving fans.


Set-Up, Execution, and Launch

Phase 3 is where the content production work begins. We provide all of our clients with a professional microphone and boom arm to ensure high quality and clean sound. We teach and assist you with setting-up your equipment, recording content, scheduling guests, recording interviews, and editing your episodes to create a professional and impactful final product. We then launch your podcast with you while helping you with marketing to reach new listeners while also planning for the future so that you’re always ahead of the game providing content and value for your listeners.


Coaching and Consistency

Just because your podcast is launched and people are beginning to listen doesn’t mean that the work is done. We provide extended coaching and support to help you ensure that the consistency and quality of your podcast and new Facebook community continue to grow and thrive for the long-term. Consistency is key, but it’s not always easy—especially at the beginning. We know what it’s like to start something new and we are here to offer the best support you’ve ever experienced to ensure that your podcast continues to succeed.


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