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Podcasting is about creating a community around your unique message. We do the set-up while helping you communicate, create, and deliver the content you are so passionate about.

What we do

We help you take your idea and core message and turn it into a world-class podcast to give you the platform you need to reach more people at a more profound level.

Mindset of Podcasting

It all starts and stops with mindset. Setting specific goals and having clear expectations allows us to effectively work together. Mindset is the foundation that a successful podcast is built on.

Concept Creation

A podcast is an extension of your brand that delivers your unique message. We work with you to clarify your message and create a concept for your podcast that supports and strengthens your overall brand.


Branding is how you show up in the world. From your artwork, your in-show music, the way you produce your show, and more—we make sure your brand is congruent, consistent, and impactful to the listener.


You focus on your content, let us focus on the tech.We keep you involved, but have a “done for you” approach to set-up. We fully syndicate your show on all of the most popular podcast content providers and create a great looking show page and Facebook Group for your listeners.


We execute the entire launch right along with you and teach you how to get the word out about your new podcast and find your ideal listeners that need to hear your message. We also help you plan for the future so that your content remains powerful and consistent for the long term

Community Development

We help you learn how to manage your online community and turn listeners into raving fans that you can serve at a deeper more profound level. From finding insightful guests to fostering listener relationships—it’s all part of developing an online community.

Why we do what we do

I’m Mario Porreca and I am the founder of LaunchingaPodcast.com. Talking and voice have always been my thing. I said my first words at 3 months old and was speaking in complete coherent sentences before my first birthday—and I haven’t looked back since. Communicating with words has always come natural to me.

I have been podcasting since February of 2011 and I also spent three years hosting my own terrestrial radio show which also aired on local cable TV.

I’ve authored three books, written regular newspaper columns, and have been a guest on more than 50 TV programs.

I know firsthand the power of media and specifically the power of voice content to build and connect with an audience to create deep relationships that allow you to serve them at a deeper level.

Podcasting is powerful, it’s growing, and in my opinion is the best way for an individual, brand, business, or any entity with a message to create a like minded audience and following.

We exist to make podcasting as easy and simple as possible for the busy achiever. Your time is valuable and you have to leverage that time to get your message and content to as many people as possible. That’s what we do best.

We systematized the podcasting process to allow you to launch a successful podcast without having to spend tons of time learning tech and creating content.

Yes, it still takes some time and effort to create an impactful powerful podcast, but the return on that effort is exponential.

I know the value of podcasting as it’s completely changed my life and provides me with a way to serve more people, create fulfillment through impact, and live a life of freedom that I could never do otherwise.

We do what we do to teach other busy achievers how to create and experience that seem meaningful freedom in their lives.

If you’re ready to talk more about launching your podcast, click the button below and schedule your free call with one of our team members today.

It could be the most impactful decision you make for your business and for your life.

Launching More Podcasts.

Reaching More People.

Our goal is to help 1,000 clients reach 10,000 downloads each within 6 months of launching their podcast.

We know that 10,000,000 downloads is a BIG number—but we also know that our dedicated and passionate clients are changing the world with their message and that makes any number possible!

Why we are different

Our goal is to help you launch your podcast as easily and simply as possible. We take both a “done for you” and “done with you” approach. The set-up and technical part of the process we do for you. The content creation part of the process we do with you. We help you focus on what you do best while we focus on what we do best and together we deliver your message to more people more effectively to create a more profound impact.

How We Help You

Launching a podcast can feel overwhelming. Throw in creating clarity around and refining your message, effective branding, learning how to record/edit audio, upload/syndicate, and find guests—it seems like a lot. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!
We want you to focus primarily on one thing—your content. The branding and set-up process for your podcast only has to be done once, so we do that for you. After we collect your thoughts, ideas, and preferences we do the heavy lifting while you go to work on creating your content with our help and guidance. We handle 95% of the set-up, we split the initial content creation/upload process 50/50, and we are with you every step of the way for at least your first six months of podcasting.
  • Set-Up – 95%
  • Content – 50%
  • Launch Rate – 100%
We help you maximize your time and impact by allowing you to focus on delivering the content you are most passionate about and growing your community.

Focus on what really matters

Our mission is to help busy professionals launch and manage their podcast(s) to help them extend their reach, grow their following, and serve more people on a more profound level.

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