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We help busy achievers launch and manage their podcast to extend their reach, grow their following, and serve more people on a more profound level.

We utilize a proprietary “done for you” and “done with you” system to allow our clients to maximize their time and impact developing and delivering their content while growing their community.

I’m Mario Porreca and I’m the founder of Launching a Podcast.

My Story

It all started with a cookbook…

I was a chef who became a weight loss coach and authored 2 cookbooks to give clients ideas for creative and delicious meal choices.

With writing books comes the need for promotion and one taste of live speaking and on-air TV had me hooked.

I did as much TV and as many events as I could fit into my schedule. This lead to my introduction into the world of radio, which was something that always fascinated me.

TV was fun, but there was something so pure and exciting about getting behind a live mic and talking to thousands of people listening to your every word.

I hosted my own live radio show for about three years which was also recorded and turned into a podcast with its own exclusive spin-off podcast. This also lead to my own local cable TV program along with writing regular columns for the newspaper.

I was a media addict, but my true love was radio—which quickly turned to podcasting because of the many benefits it offers that radio simply can’t compete with.

After hosting my podcast from 2011-2014 I took some time to reflect, while always watching and listening to both the podcast and social media world.

I knew I wanted to host another podcast, but wanted to be sure I had a passionate labor of love idea that would fuel and energize me while doing the same for listeners.

I launched 10 Minute Mindset and it became a massive success. It was not only receiving numerous downloads much faster than I expected, but I was receiving messages from listeners and creating impactful relationships with them.

The success of 10 Minute Mindset launched my now paid public speaking career along with creating other opportunities for me to serve more people and create more purpose and fulfillment in my own life.

As I would interview guests for certain episodes I noticed that we would almost always hang out and chat after we finished recording. The conversation would almost always be about podcasting and how many of these guests would guest on a number of shows, but just didn’t know where to start and didn’t have the time to create their own unique podcast.

This need coupled with my desire to help lead to the creation of Launching a Podcast where our mission is to help busy achievers launch and manage their podcast to extend their reach, grow their following, and serve more people on a more profound level.

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