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“How can I monetize the content creation process?”

The question that started it all. If you can monetize the process of actually creating the content that attracts your audience—you’ll win. Most businesses don’t have a content problem, the real problem is turning their content into revenue. We help clients turn the process of creating their content into a revenue generating activity that strategically grows and scales so that the purpose becomes the process.


It starts by creating a product or service that creates a powerful tangible outcome.


A powerful platform creates awareness by providing value around a product.


Systems and processes are how to build and scale for delivering consistent results.

Making an Impact Is Why We Do What We Do

We realized that most businesses are either not using podcasting as part of their media strategy or they aren’t strategically using the medium to create the results they desire.

My name is Mario Porreca. I’m the founder of Launching a Podcast and I’ve been in broadcasting and podcasting for nearly 10 years. In that time I’ve learned how to execute the strategies and create the system,s and processes necessary to drive business using a podcast.

I creataed a 6-figure business from scratch in seven months and now my passion and purpose is teaching other business owners how to do the same to grow and scale their business.

The impact that we can make working together to deliver your solutions to more people in less time in a strategic way is bigger than we can ever imagine—and why I do what I do.

If you are a business owner who is serious about growing and scaling your business using podcasting, I invite you to click the link below and schedule a call with LaP team.

On the call we will help you understand the specific strategies that will explode your business leveraging a podcast!

$355 Billion by 2025

The eLearning space is estimated to be a $355 Billion industry by the year 2025. Positioning your business today to be part of that massive number is more crucial than ever. Doing it strategically with a proven team and process is the only way to maximize your potential in this space.


of US population has listened to a podcast


Listen to ALL OR MOST of each podcast episode AND listens to an average of 7 episodes per week

We're Really Good at Helping People Build Businesses Online...

Mario Porreca has been professionally involved in media, podcasting, and building online businesses since 2009. With the rest of LaP Team it is their mission to go above and beyond in helping their clients generate six figures plus online as quickly as possible.

Can You REALLY Generate 6-Figures with a Podcast?

It’s possible and we’ve done it in such a way that it allows you to focus on the activities that really grow your business. We don’t want you to take attention away from your revenue generating activities, instead we’ll teach you how to add a NEW stream of revenue and buld it to six figures and more while still doing what you do to grow your original business.

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Real Experiences Real Results

The LaP experience is like no other program/service that you’ve experienced. Our unique system creates an experience and amplified results that our clients describe best…

Working with Mario has completely transformed the way we connect with our clients through podcasting. What was once a tedious and overwhelming process is now a clear and systemized part of our overall marketing plan. Mario’s process of teaching, supporting, and guiding his clients allowed me and my team to feel confident in the product we were putting out into the world. As a result, we have received more client engagement and increased visibility. I would highly recommend anyone who is currently overwhelmed or struggling with the podcasting process to bring Mario aboard and prepare for success.

Marlo Higgins

Host, 22 Motivational Minutes

Thanks to Launching A Podcast team’s hardwork and efficiency, I started my podcast, Peaceful Ease, within a matter of weeks. They provide their community members with a detailed video training before turning on the mic. Just this training alone is a must for any podcaster. It helped me to clarify my goals, target audience and describe the correct design elements for the team to work on. I’ve been working with Launching A Podcast for 6 months now, and not once I was disappointed by a final edit or a strategy that was delivered. Mario Porreca is truly passionate about podcasting and has managed to put together a team of highly reliable people, who deliver the best potential outcome, ALWAYS on time, because they love what they’re doing. What a beautiful bunch of people to work with, and what a vibrant community to be a part of! Thank you for all your hard work.

Ela Crain

Host, The Peaceful Ease Podcast

OK, to put this review in context, I have been podcasting off and on for 9 years… more off than on because it was more difficult than it needed to be. Well, my friends, enter Launching a Podcast from stage left! I have so many good things to say about their team and service. But, all you need to know is that if you’re seriously wanting to improve the outreach of your message, you should schedule a time to talk to them. Find out for yourself how their magic can make a difference for your sanity, your company and helping your ideal clients connect more to your message.

Jen Anderson

Host, The Inspired Life Podcast

Add 6-Figures to Your Revenue Using a Podcast.

We put our heart and soul into this guide and are giving it away for FREE to help you understand the power of what podcasting can do for your business.

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  • Learn why automation is vital for scaling your business and how to use it strategically so that you maintain that personal connection with your prospects and clients.

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